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Legacy API

We're in the process of sunsetting our legacy API.

If you are still using our legacy API, you don't need to worry. Everything will continue working as expected.

As part of the sunsetting effort, we're shutting down the site where documentation about the legacy API was hosted and redirecting all visits to this site.

We have created a Docker container that you can run to see a local instance of the legacy documentation site.


To run the legacy API documentation locally, you need:

Run the legacy API docs locally

Follow these steps to run the legacy API documentation on your machine.

  1. Pull and run the Docker container.
docker run --rm -p 8080:8080 --name onna-old-dev-docs onna/old-dev-docs:0.1

This pulls the container from Docker hub and starts a local container instance with the old documentation site.

  1. Visit http://localhost:8080 with your browser.

You're ready to explore the legacy API documentation.


Picture of old docs in a Docker container