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Sandbox Creation

Create a sandbox account to try out the Platform API.

Create a Sandbox

The API sandbox is a self-contained environment to test authentication, send sample API requests, and validate responses. The sandbox simulates Onna's production environment, with a few key limitations:

  • The sandbox is temporary. Sandbox data is purged after 60 days, and the account will automatically expire after 60 days. You can also manually delete your account at any time, and by doing so, your data will be deleted.
  • The sandbox is limited to 30 GB of data processed. Also, certain application features, such as connectors, are not available in the sandbox.
  • You can view data and time limits in the user interface, and you will also receive a warning email when you are approaching a limit.

Follow these steps to create a sandbox:

Register for an account

Visit the registration page to provision a sandbox account or use the Create sandbox button at the top of the page. You only need to provide an email address to sign up. Retain your sandbox URL, as you will need it to log in. Select Agree and sign up to register your sandbox account. If you have previously completed this step, go to to sign in.

Image of account registration

Verify your email

Upon registration, we will send a verification email to the address you provided. Select Activate account to confirm your email address and complete registration.

Image of account activation email

Set your password

Once you have verified your email, you will be prompted to set a password and log in. Set password and log in

What's next

Once you have created an account and logged in to your sandbox, follow these instructions to generate API credentials. Once you are authenticated, try the hello world tutorial to learn how to use the API to create a workspace, create folders, and ingest data into Onna.