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Welcome to the Onna Platform API

About the API

The Platform API enables you to programmatically upload your data into our Knowledge Integration Platform. This unlocks the possibility to have all your data in one place and turn it into knowledge—even data we don't support directly with one of our connectors.

You start by exploring the structure of your data and mapping it to one of our resource types. When you upload it, data is indexed and passes through several machine-learning and natural language processing engines to extract meaning and insights. This is what make it render in the Onna UI in a meaningful way, and allows you to search it and organize it in a way that is relevant to your business goals.

About Onna

Onna delivers the fastest and most effective way to transform your enterprise information into knowledge. Onna’s Knowledge Integration Platform is a collection and transformation hub that brings together siloed unstructured data from collaboration, communication, and content applications in a consistent and repeatable way.

The knowledge extracted by indexing and processing ingested data, including mapping the relationships between people and information, can help you make better decisions, mitigate operational and compliance risks, and better govern your information.

A Knowledge Integration Platform enables many uses on the data you bring in

About connectors

Our connectors connect directly to the APIs of the most popular collaboration and productivity tool. integrate Onna to popular applications like Google Suite, Zendesk, or Slack to allow you to start your discovery collections and search immediately.

Check the full list of connectors on our website.

Connectors allow you to turn data into knowledge